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DESIGN Process

Join us in our pursuit of modern glam design that marries elegance, functionality, and intentionality.

1. Consultation

Each project begins with a consultation where we get to know you, your goals, and your preferences for the overall design plan. We'll discuss how you want your space to feel, function, and flow.

2. Inpiration

We work closely with you during the Inspiration phase to bring your vision to life. We present various design concepts using presentations, schematics, and 2D models, allowing you to explore different options and refine your ideas.

3. Design development

During the Design Development phase, we work collaboratively with you to refine and finalize your chosen design. We focus on perfecting the details of the project, including space planning, material selection, finishes, color palettes, and other essential elements. We ensure that every design aspect is cohesive and aligned with your goals, resulting in a polished and sophisticated final product.

4. Production & Fulfillment

During this phase, we focus on the details to ensure a smooth transition to installation. We work tirelessly to procure all necessary materials and ensure effective communication among all parties involved in the project. Our goal is to provide an efficient and well-coordinated production and fulfillment phase that produces exceptional results that meet your expectations.

5. The reveal

The moment has arrived: the big reveal of your completed project! 

We ensure every detail is executed flawlessly, resulting in a functional and beautiful space that meets your expectations. During The Reveal, we guide you through the finished space and provide valuable insights on maintaining it over time, with the ultimate goal of creating a space that brings joy and inspiration to your life.




OUR Signature 5-STEP



Blush glam


Hampton style

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